Nick Piecoro
The Arizona Republic
Mar. 26, 2008 01:21 AM
Residence: Nashville.

Family: Wife, Elizabeth. Son, Bryce, 10; daughter, Kennedy, 7.

Then: 1994-2006, major-league pitcher who played for 10 teams, including the Cincinnati Reds, San Diego Padres and, in 2006, the Diamondbacks.

Now: Professional scout for the Diamondbacks.

What drew you to scouting? "I always thought that after I was done playing, a front-office situation would be something I'd be very interested in. Especially in this era. When you've been fortunate to make a comfortable living as a player in pro baseball, it seems like recently those guys haven't financially had to remain in the game, and therefore there are fewer and fewer of us that have that much experience on the playing field to gravitate to the front office."

What in particular appeals to you about scouting? "As a pitcher, you're always evaluating the hitters in terms of trying to have a game plan on what their strengths and weaknesses are. And as a pitcher, I was always evaluating the pitchers on the staff I was on and on the opposing teams because you want to see what they're doing right and wrong and what's working for them. I think that's something intuitively that you do, and it's part of being a successful player."

Why with the Diamondbacks? "I wouldn't have done this with just any organization, but I was particularly excited and intrigued by Arizona and the system they have in place. They have a really clear game plan in their front office. And the fact that (executives) Jerry Dipoto and A.J. Hinch are former teammates. Josh Byrnes was assistant general manager in Colorado when I played there and GM when I played here. Bob Gebhard I know from my Colorado and Arizona days. They have a really good thing going here. And the fact that I can kind of work out of Nashville and my home area. It was important to be with the kids."

Do you aspire to be a GM? "I think so. I think that once you get the foundation of evaluating players, and if it goes as I anticipate you always want to look for new opportunities and bigger challenges and more responsibility. As a former player that is ingrained, that you want to continue to challenge yourself and be a part of the act of decision making in a big-league organization."