Finished 2nd last year and was only able to keep 12 players (bolded). I'm pretty happy with how I look right now. Though I am relying on some young arms to fill the bottom of my rotation. Minor leaguers are in italics.

And yeah, my catcher sucks. That is priority number 1 for me right now.

D Navarro
C Parmalee
L Overbay
J Morneau
F Sanchez
C Utley
A Ramirez

K Ahrens
T Frazier

J.J. Hardy

T Snider
A Rios
B Hall
Jason Bay
R Garko
A Gordon
D Uggla

J Upton
D DeJesus
C Zambrano
A Harang

J Cueto
Z Greinke
E Volquez
G Gonzalez
J Verlander
Y Gallardo
E Hurley
P Aumont

J Nathan
T Jones