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some people need to realize there is waaaay more to the game than statistics. managers deal with REAL people, and set REAL atmospheres in clubhouses that can make a team better or worse. it's not all about stats on a sheet.
a good manager knows his players and their strengths and weaknesses, if he doesn't know them then he should be smart enough to surround himself with people who do. Asking somebody to sacrifice, who has never had a successful sacrifice in their career is not putting a player and therefore the team in the best position to be successful. If he REALLY wanted a bunt there he should have pinch hit Castro. I know, I know all major leaguers should be able to bunt but the obvious fact is that some can't or at least can't very well. EE is one of them and the manager of the team should know that.

Just curious-(remembering he had never been successful in his career at this) before the 1st pitch to EE, what do you think the odds were of him getting down a successful sac. bunt? I let him swing away, yesterday, today and tomorrow.