Ok I will start by saying I have not been as big of a Adam Dunn fan as many on this board has been in the past but so far this year I am seeing something different from him. He seems to be a more complete player at the plate and in the field . I see him doing the little things at the plate like hitting the ball to the rightside to drive in the run at 3rd . I see him hitting the ball to the left side with the shift on down two to get on which was as big as Edwins three run hommer.

I see him willing to do the little thing that I didn't see from him in the past. If he continues to do these thing to go along with enormous power and his high OBP he will be that much more of a threat to oppossing team and a even bigger monster in the reds lineup. I guess the biggest thing is I see him working to improve his game or maybe it just the new haircut I don't know but I am liking what I see from Adam Dunn.