It looks as if the gauntlet has been tossed at our collective feet.

I think it would be interesting if someone would start a similar thread on the Sundeck and we can have a friendly competition between the ORG and Sundeck.
Are we not Sun Deckers? This challenge seems to me like just another opportunity to put our baseball knowledge on public display. I say let's accept this challenge in the spirit in which it was offered, and do our best to put a severe whoopin' on ORG.

The rule is pretty simple:

1)Pick a number between 0 and 162. JK. Just put down the number of wins the Reds will come up with in 2008. I will figure out the average early Monday and post the results. If you wish to jot down a line or two on how you arrived at that figure, so much the better.

I'll start all this prognosticating by revealing that the stars will line up for the Reds 86 times in 2008. Better starting and relief pitching and a simply monster year by AD are the prime reasons in the Reds' success story. EdE emerges from his 2 1/2 year cocoon to add a sorely-needed stick from the right side.

The game is on!!!