I have two brothers both going thru bad situations and I hate it because I feel there is nothing I can do to help.

1. One brother was married for 15 years and very faithful to his wife. He admits to being a homebody and probably didnt go out and about with his wife as much as he should have. His wife was always overweight but to him it didnt affect his need for love/companionship from her. Approximately 2 years ago she decided to have stomach stapling and its as if the minute that knife opened her up the woman my brother knew disappeared. She told him out of the blue a week b4 Thanksgiving 2006 she no longer loved him and wanted a divorce. Thanks to this woman either directly or indirectly my brother has pretty much lost everything he ever had(a house they just bought in Jan 06 foreclosed on, a job he had had for about 15 years, any self-esteem he ever had). Meanwhile,the ex got remarried 4 months after the divorce became final and she just had a baby by the new hubby a month ago. My brother spends most of his days now just going on on and on about it but there is nothing I can say or do to help and it is just aggravating.

2. My other brother is in poor medical shape. He is going thru kidney dialysis.He will have to quit work soon due to his condition. My brother is 48 and looks 60. The medical bills are overwhelming. He has told family members he is concerned now about losing his home. I have told him I will do anything I can do to help and the family has pitched in some $$ here and there but we live paycheck to paycheck as it is but once again ultimately its as if there is nothing I can do to help either brother.