Bailey should dump the slider and focus everything on changeup curveball and go max effort with your fastball. Bailey should be looking to strikeout everybody and everything.

Oh, yeah, chill the partying. Last night was a bit embarrasing.

I find it is no surprise, Homer's decline started when the Reds hired Dick Pole, the master of the ignorant. Bailey isn't a finesse pitcher nor can he survive pitching in the low 90's, nor should his command be good at this stage of his career. Throw hard, break harder should be his motto. This is like telling Justin Verlander to stop throwing 99mph because it may blow out your arm.

I am seeing ugly signs of Pole's influence with Cueto as well since the season started. Pole's future depended on his ability to refine the young arms and he has done a poor job to this point(I don't count Volquez as he was a finished product by the time the trade was made).

Stop the "pitch to contact" madness.