This is really crazy but for the reds to win i came up with a couple moves that could help out.
First off harang, arroyo, cueto, and volquez i must say is a pretty sweet rotation. but i would much rather have bailey fill in the fifth spot than belisle or fogg. Since Bakos came hes done great with cueto and volquez so i keep him when ross gets back. dump valentin and pick up Lance Schramm. He was the personal catcher for homer from the age of 10 til the reds drafted him. he had issues with reds catchers mostly because of his attitude i multiple circumstances last year.
that was the only link i could find on him but seems hes done well in college.

Secondly juan castro just don work anymore as a "defensive" sub and is only hurting the team. Josh Barfield of the indians has some pretty incredible defense and is blocked by asdrubal cabrera, and jamey carrol. im not sure what it would take but it would be well worth acquiring him to replace castro. and if we get lucky his offense will come back too.