I am definitely not an audiophile, but I do enjoy listening to good music on my stereo. I was hoping someone around here could maybe give me suggestions on how to improve the sound from my current system.
My system includes:
  • Marantz PM7200 Integrated Amplifier
  • Rega P1 Turntable (same cartridge that came with it)
  • Marantz CC4300 5 Disc CD Changer
  • Paradigm Monitor 7 Speakers

I listen to all types of music (indie rock, jazz, bluegrass, classical, folk, hippie stuff, etc) and I go through stages between my turntable and CD player as preferred source. The last few months has been my turntable.
So if I want to improve my HIFI set-up, where should I start? Pre-amp, power amp, cartridge for my turntable, etc?
Where am I going to get the best bang for my buck in upgrading my system?
Look forward to what anyone has for advice.