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Posts: 7,948 Game Threads to Cease for the time being


Due to the fact that some of you cannot play nicely in the game threads, there will be no official game thread for the time being. The moderators are looking at ways to increase the quality of the game threads and are working together to create ideas to make this happen correctly and fairly.

While it is hard to police all activities regarding game threads, we ask also not to start any type of quasi-game threads in either the ORG or Sun Deck. Circumnavigating the rules will only drag down the process of the new game thread policy.

You may discuss, rationally, certain trends of the game, but do not litter the front pages of one word threads and 42 straight posts of 'Player X Sux'. As usual, all posts and threads are subject to forum rules and will be operated on a zero tolerance policy and can be disposed of immediately.

There will be no open discussion of the policy for now, but if you have ideas, (not complaints, ideas) of how a game thread might go, please email a moderator or Boss.

Moderator suggestion - step away from the computer for a while and watch the game on TV. We're not going anywhere unless Boss forgets to pay the power bill. Just deal with the fact that this part of RedsZone may be back at another date and time. This forum will be locked as soon as the coding is worked out behind the scenes.

One more tip from your friendly, neighborhood, moderating staff. Try the chat feature located below to converse, in real time, the actions or inaction of our Redlegs

What does this mean? Was the social experiment of kicking out "not-up-to par" members from the ORG a failure? I thought the whole point of hand picking the "new" ORG members was to "increase the quality of the game threads", "eliminate personal attacks","decrease the number of posts in the game threads", and "inhance the overall ORG experience." WOW

I would love to here some thoughts from fellow sundeckers about the game thread desaster, and how it should be corrected. Obviously what they thought would work...ain't workin' so they can't blame us.