The thing that bothers me about dealing Kearns is the defense factor. He is our only above average defender in the OF and our pitchers need all he help we can get. Denorfia is a good defensive outfielder but not at the caliber of Kearns. He is our only potential gold glover... atleast in the OF (BP)

As much as I hate to ear crow (I have been a staunch supporter of Dunn and that it would be rediculous deal a franchise cornerstone of his caliber. He is a once in a decade guy but...) dealing him really makes more sense for the team. He is a liablity in left, he really needs to move to 1B. Him and Griffey in the same OF just isn't good. Hell I'd be alright with Griffey to 1b too but in reality this type of move wont happen untill Spring Training. I love Chris Denorfia and really want to see him get a significant amount of playing time, but he'd be the ideal to deal. I think this team has good chemistry and dealing Kearnsy or Dunn will put a serere ripple in that. I think Freel is too important of a super sub to deal is well.

Its a tough decison Kriv is going to have to make because we clearly still need some help and to get that we are gonna have to deal players of value... should be interesting to see what unfolds.