I think a deal makes sense for both the Marlins and Reds to make this kind of deal. And for that matter I could see the Orioles reasons for making a deal of Tejada.

I am not sure what kind of deal we are looking at here but why wouldn't anyone make a deal for Dontrelle Willis he's 24 (3 yrs of experience) makes a measley 4 mil & 350K for the next 3 years. He is the closest thing to an impact lefty you could get and his merchandise would pay for his salary this year if he became a Red and he would automatically spike the attendance. All this for 2 mil the rest of this year. If he gets hurt over the next 3 years you don't lose alot of money. He's practically a godsend and worth whatever we would have to give to get him. As for getting Cabrera to boot that would be great but unlikely. He's 23 and one of the best hitters in baseball and he plays 3rd base.

I could see the O's parting with Tejada but only if we came off of Dunn, and that's probably unlikely, considering Tejada's age. Unless it somehow netted us Cabrera again not likely. The Willis deal though is a no lose situation too me.