Actually, this isn't necessarily about his coolness. I want to know how much time this guy is spending at 3B if at all. I know he's listed as a SS and is probably playing the most there, and I understand the logic. If you can play SS, you can play anywhere in the infield. Just like if you can play CF, you can play anywhere in the OF. Good idea to get the young studs playing SS (or CF) during their time in the minors. However, I have no doubt that Frazier is going to be a 3B with the Reds. And there will definitely be room for him because there is no way E-5, I mean EE, keeps that job long-term.

I wonder how long it will be until Frazier is moved up to high-A. Hopefully pretty soon because I would like to see him end the season at AA Chattanooga. He played college ball, there is no reason he can't be ready to help the Reds by the mid part of 2009. So, when EE is leading the league in Es again (and isn't really hitting well either) will Frazier be ready? Even if he needs more time and won't be ready until 2010, do you think Frazier is the long-term answer at 3B? I sure do.