Alan Cutler interviewed Wayne Krivsky this morning and I haven't heard such a love-in since the 60s. What a wimpy, softball interview.

WK says that the only bad contract he's responsible for is Mike Stanton. Cutler proceeds to let that comment ride. How 'bout challenging it, Alan! How 'bout making him defend the Juan Castro contract, or Corey Patterson or David Ross or Alex Gonzalez or Josh Fogg or Ryan Freel or Bronson Arroyo? I'd love to hear him justify those decisions.

WK also said he tried to run this team like the Minn Twins. I'd have asked him why the Twins don't have the big contracts that the Reds are now saddled with.

WK said that he's a wonderful communicator! I think most sportswriters in the area would disagree as they've been complaining about his communication skills ever since he took the job.