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The whole Deno love-fest was more about attacking a management group than any thought that he was going to be a star. Many of us figured, and I still believe, that had he gotten sufficient opportunity when he was ready (age 24-25) that he'd be a .750-.775 OPS bat with very good CF defense through his prime. That's not amazing, but it's pretty valuable. Heck, it's what we're paying Corey Patterson $3M to do.

The Reds turned him in to a converted OF RP who they won't promote and the cash to buy out Rheal Cormier. The entire Deno hype was less about him specifically than about the Reds not properly using an asset.
That is the crux of my feelings on Chris Denorfia.

Kearns was traded which paved the way for Denorfia to get a chance to show what he could do. He was given a week.

Then he showed what he could do in a September call-up (very well, I might add), and then hurt himself in Spring Training the following year.

Now he's an Oakland A, and in return we have a middle reliever that will most likely rot (unfairly) in AAA.