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Thread: this losing keeps up, you wont see huge crowds other than the Boston series!!

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    Re: this losing keeps up, you wont see huge crowds other than the Boston series!!

    Dusty Baker has very little to do with why the Reds are losing right now, and that is coming from somebody who didn't like the hire at the time, and still doesn't.

    I'm going to let Dusty hang himself before I do it for him, and he just hasn't done it as of yet.
    Quote Originally Posted by Norm Chortleton View Post
    The old Votto is back when he starts cussing himself out between pitches.

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    Re: this losing keeps up, you wont see no huge crowds other than the Boston series!!

    Quote Originally Posted by WVRedsFan View Post
    With all the talk about the offensive problems being Dusty's fault (and there is a little bit of truth in that), it's always mentioned that he is Castellini's man. Apparently he was also Krivsky's man. That isn't mentioned because that would paint some disfavor on Wayne, which many aren't willing to do. I find that interesting.
    You're a good man WV and passionate about the Reds (as we all are). And there is truth there. While I, and many others supported Krivsky, we never blindly followed/supported him with no questions asked concerning some of the moves/decisions he has made. And no one, including myself, is trying to "cover" for the guy. Only that he wasn't given enough time when one looks at what he inherited and the monumental task he, or any GM for that matter, was having to face with this organization from top to bottom. Unless the owner was going to come in here and immediately pour millions and millions in the FA market to acquire those quality pieces of the puzzle it just wasn't going to be fixed over night.

    I was under the impression, from what I have read on here (never saw the WK interview), that Baker was Bob C's decision. Now it appears both he and WK were involved. OK - so they are both guilty.

    So, with the hiring of WK, and his involvement with the decision in the Baker hiring, Bob is 0-2 at the plate.

    When you make the quantitative amount of moves he was making, one is bound to make mistakes. He has made some sound ones too IMO. The pitching is improved, and with the youth, is, IMO, heading in the right direction.

    The team is dysfunctional, but we don have some sound pieces. The question is "Can Jocko put Humpty Dumpty back together again?"

    And even Jocketty, since he has taken over, has stated this is going to take time and patience. So how long are those who showed such impatience towards WK going to give Jocketty? I'm going to show the same "courtesy" towards Jocketty that I did WK.

    Regardless, I think there is enough blame to go around between Castellini, Krivsky, Baker, and probably many others. If you look at this disfunctional team, you do have to wonder what any of them were thinking. Who assembled this mish-mash of improbable players?
    Of the three - Baker is the least guilty IMO (other then Patterson). I just think he is not constructing his lineups to maximize (and minimize) various players abilities. Dusty Baker, from his experiences in playing the game, and what he has gained in managing, has more baseball knowledge in one hand then I have in my entire body. But that is what confounds me and many others. When it comes to this offense, he seems to even blatantly ignore even what most would see as the fundamental "ABC's", Common sense stuff.

    When they beat the crap out of SF last weekend, and he comments after the game that his "speed" lineup was the factor in the win (Dunn/Grif were out), when everyone else can see we were facing a pitcher (Zito) who has been downright terrible and couldn't even get out of the 1st inning, then I want to shake my head.

    I didn't want to believe it before, and thought many on here were making a really big deal (taking out of context out) some of his OB% comments. I actually defended the guy. But it appears to be true from what I've seen so far this season. He's into a speed and aggressive style of play, which may be fine once you get the guys on base AND if you have the right personnel to successfully accomplish it percentage-wise.

    It's not Dusty Baker's fault entirely as to why this offense had a dismal April. The "heart" of our production (Dunn, Grif, BP) aren't hitting/producing in that role. Players slump and have slow months. That's baseball.

    It is his fault though as a manager when he can't see that when certain players are struggling and others are hot for a consistent period of time, you shuffle your lineup to try and maximize/minimize those situations. He is either oblivious to that, has no clue, or is stubborn.

    Take a look at his "reshuffling" of the lineup in yesterday's game (1 thru7). This is his solution?

                      OB%        SLG%
    Freel            .344        .368
    Griffey rf       .323        .394
    Phillips 2b      .317        .487
    Votto 1b         .333        .512
    Encarnacion 3b   .369        .542
    Dunn lf          .371        .374
    Keppinger ss     .346        .408

    Phillips, Dunn, and Griff are up there in the NL in Ks. But at least Adam offsets that with BBs and a .374 OB%. IMO, he is not helping Dunn, putting him in a situation in that order, that maximizes what good he is doing while helping him try to come out of this early season slump.

    He bats the guy leading the team in hits (36) 7th in Keppinger?

    I look at the above lineup, those posted stats as well as some others, and I'm befuddled as to what Baker is going on that makes him construct it in such a manner? What is guiding him to these decisions?

    And I promise you this, if the Reds keep on losing and looking badly, you can bet I will be the first once to call for changes as I am now. I'm counting on Jocketty to make the roster better. If he fails, then I'll be on him.
    And even Jocketty, since he has taken over, has stated this is going to take time and patience. So how long does he get? I'm going to show the same "courtesy" towards Jocketty that I did WK. I'm not upset at him getting the job.

    If Baker continues to run players out there who don't have a clue at the plate, I'll be upset.
    You might want to start going to McDonalds then and getting their Extra Valium meal and wash it down with JD

    .....cause IMHO the "little light" is not gonna switch on in Dusty's head.
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