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The thing is the people who can't stand to listen to Marty anymore (I'm one) aren't asking for anything unreasonable. We don't want Marty to be someone else (i.e. people who complain because Dunn isn't Pujols). All we want is the Marty we got accustomed to hearing in his first 20 years. That's it. We don't want anything more than that. Just be the guy he was for the majority of his career. He was as good as just about anyone (sorry, he's no Scully or Harwell). That's not too much to ask. It's not like it's just blind hatred. I used to love Marty and listened to him almost every night. I miss that guy and wish he'd come back. Because the guy in the booth right now is too insufferable for me to listen to.
I agree. This perfectly summarizes my feelings as well.