I think this story is a load of bull. You want to know why certain Free Agents are still on the market. Well lets look at Kenny Lofton. Lofton is 41 and he wants a guaranteed contract worth 3 million. Roger Clemens would want at least 20 million and is in an ongoing court case. Bonds would want the same money, and he is being investigated by the government for perjury. Sammy Sosa and Mike Piazza are over the hill, and can't play defense any more. Jose Mesa and David Wells have not been good in a long time. Mesa hasn't been that good since he played in Cleveland. If I were an owner, I wouldn't waste money on over the hill free agents, unless they took a non-guaranteed contract. If these guys really want to play, they need to sign minor league deals. I think the MLBPA is going too far in this case.