Why is it that everyone assumes that Bruce is destined to be Griff's replacement in rightfield? If it's so written in stone that he's a corner outfielder, then why are the Reds brass letting Rick Sweet plop him out in centerfield for the Bats game in and game out? He seems to be doing very well in center. If at some point in his career he gets moved to right, fine. But with our current gaping hole in center, what's holding up his promotion? His lack of walks? His abundance of k's? Look, I'd like it to be a perfect world too, but regardless of his 34 to 9 k-bb ratio, he's still hitting .328 with considerable pop in over 130 ab's. Votto's at a 20 to 10 ratio, Phillips is at a 27 to 10 ratio. Get over it and bring him up.