First let me say, this is non-baseball chatter so I dont know what forum to put this in.
This concerns a friend of mine who has a son who is an exceptional catcher.
He has been playing Varsity since 7th grade, has an excellent pop-time and shows extra-ordinary baseball skills behind the plate. Just saturday, in a game, he picked off a runner from first which happens quite often and threw a guy out trying to steal (from his knees).
On several occassions this season someone on a ball in dirt would try to advance and his arm strength has allowed him to nail them from his knees.
He is really a gifted young catcher. Some opposing coaches have commented he is the best catcher they have ever seen.
I was telling the daddy today, he may catch Joe Blanton one day ( Blanton attended the neighboring school)
He was asking me what is the best way for him to do. Does he call colleges or just wait and hope he is discovered?
You may say if he is that good, he will be discovered.
Well, he may by smaller colleges but I mean to have a few of the top-notch know of him.
See, our region is something like the NL Central.
Harang could go 16-5 and not get a vote for the Cy Young while a Hudson,Zambrano, Hamels would rake in votes with lesser numbers.

That is the way our region is. Team A and Team B have the stars whether in all actuality they are or not.

So are there any HS coaches or college Coaches members of the redszone that can give this kid advice ?
I told the father today , he (son) needs to not settle for a lesser but try to go to as good a baseball program as he can.
I also told him I would put it out on the redszone so here it is.
Comments and suggestions needed.
Thanks for any imput !