I don't ever see it mentioned anywhere, but there's one huge reason why Bailey isn't in the Majors.

It's because of the dynamics of the Major League Rotation.

Unless you want to kill the bullpen, you can only have one or two guys who have trouble pitching into the 6th inning even when they pitch well.

With Cueto struggling every game to get past the 5th even when he pitches well and the problems that Arroyo and Fogg and Belisle have had, the bullpen has been used pretty heavily so far this season. Because of that, there isn't any room for Baily, who also has had trouble getting to the 6th inning even when he's pitching well at the Major League level.

When there's some more stability in the REDS' rotation where there are 3 guys who get into the 7th inning and on on a semi-regular basis, then they can bring Bailey up without worrying about what it's going to do to the bullpen.

Dusty has been trying to stretch these starters out and I think he's done a great job of it. (I don't praise him often.) With Arroyo's last outing, that's one step closer to getting Bailey into the bigs.

Bailey can help himself out by going 8 and 9 innings at AAA more consistently even if he's giving up 4 runs while doing it and forcing the situation.