Last year when the Reds drafted Zach Cozart, RedsZone booed. Ok, there may have been exceptions, but most folks weren't delighted. People didn't see a big time bat.

I'm hopeful that Valaika and Frazier become mainstays with the Reds, but now that the team needs a shortstop, I'm glad that the FO had the wisdom to get guys like Janish and Cozart for the organization. I feel the same way about centerfield. Teams lose something if they don't have defenders in these key positions.

I'm rooting for Janish to do well. And I'm gratified that the Reds aren't shy about occasionally drafting a true shortstop or a true centerfielder, even if their hitting is a work in process. (Yes, it's good Dickerson and Stubbs are around just in case.)