We've pushed our record to 21-23, I believe. 6 game win streak including a sweep of our hated rivals. Many people thought this season was already over but it's obviously not by a long shot. I only got to see the first 5 innings of today's game as I had to play in a baseball game of my own this afternoon. I was obviously thrilled to see we won when my game was over.

Can this continue? Yeah, I think it can. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that we actually will lose again this year but I think our recent good play is not an aberration.

Bronson's thrown much better lately. If he can just be a 4.50 ERA-type of guy than he's going to help us. I think he's turned the corner somewhat and will put a nice string of starts together. His breaking stuff was biting quite nicely against the Fish.

Adam Dunn is heating up. Finally. He's had some great swings lately. I am hesitant to predict that this will force Dusty to move him up in the order but it may just happen.

I think JC's last start was a bit of a transitional one. He came out gangbusters and was then brought back down to earth in a big way. He then pitched very well against CLE for the most part. I think he probably became more confident after that appearance and hopefully he'll carry that forward and start being nasty again. He's still missing bats and he's still not walking people. Two very good constants.

EV is awesome - you all know that. I just wish he could pitching more efficiently but that's almost like me saying Jennifer Aniston needs a better haircut - she's pretty doggone hot and I'm picking at nits in both instances.

EE's defense has really come a long way. It's clear he's made that a priority.

Wasn't I told that Paul Janish couldn't hit? I have been ridiculously impressed with him. I love the guy.

Brandon Phillips appears well on his way to another 30/30 season. I will always be grateful to Wayne Krivsky for he and EV.

Of course, we do still have some problems....not a perfect team yet....

Corey Patterson is still a lousy leadoff hitter and he's clearly not going anywhere.

Matt Belisle is still the 5th starter and I see no reason to believe he's going to do anything but get tatooed until he is replaced.

Junior..I know he had a nice single today but he's otherwise lost at the plate. Really tough for me to watch because I love JR.

Our bullpen sans FC & Affeldt is still a mess. Lincoln's come back down to earth in a big way, Jared Burton seemingly gives up at least one ER each time out and Bill Bray has been, at best, average since being recalled.

Anyways, all things considered, I'm very excited right now. This season has gone from a total wash to interesting in 6 days.