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That's sort of the point though George, they're going to build the practice facility and hopefully the area as a whole will get a face lift in the next 4 years.
Irvington(just to the east of Tech) has supposedly been on the verge of the up and up since I moved here in 2000 and maybe this will be the necessary extra push.
I certainly don't think that particular sector compares to Over the Rhine.
I lived just east of Tech High School not to long ago and trust me it is hardly an area you want to be at night or even day for that matter. I just think it would have been a better idea to have the practice facility put in Fishers, Westfield, Franklin Township or another area where it will be safe for out of towners to go. I am confident that dumping nine million dollars into a football facilty will hardly make a dent into that dismal area of town. Also factor in the potential lousy publicity the city would get should something tragic happen to one of the out of towners that visit that area of town. It just seems foolish that a bunch of do gooders are putting others at risk in the HOPES that they MIGHT revitalize an area of town.