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While I disagree with the removal of Dunn, and bringing in Fogg to get the save, even those were rational, wrong, but rational.

What it seems no one on this board understands is that a manager makes over 100 decisions a game, and they are all interwoven. There are many reasons why every decision is made, many are the result of circumstance. Anyone who has managed even one game understands how easy it is to be second guessed.

Again, Baker clearly made some mistakes, but those mistakes did not lose the game by themselves. There were so many mistakes made by both teams, that it is ridiculous to say that any one or two of them cost the game.

Dusty was right to bring in Weathers, but Weathers did not perform. Same for Coco. Same for Bray. Same for Votto (error). Baker was right to start Valentin, and he did perform. He was right to bring in Burton and Affeldt, and they performed.

The point is, Votto's error did not lose the game, nor did Coco giving up a HR, nor Weathers dong the same, nor Bray not getting Giles, nor Dunn being taken out, nor Fogg not doing his job....
It was a combination of a whole mess of mistakes, made by nearly everyone.
While I understand your overall point, some of Dustys moves were totally illogical.

Also... Valentin starting? I understand his stats were good against the pitcher... But he could have Caught the game, and Votto (Coming off a great game) should have been starting at 1st...

Using Fogg to close the game out was Illogical the most....

Taking Dunn out at that point is understandable but Fogg Closing? come on