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Do you honestly want a thread of say 300 posts where 250 of them are essentially one of the following....


"OMG Dunn!!!"

"Trade him!"

Or other variations of course. Particularly when there are 6, 8, 10 of them in a row? Does it serve to make Redszone a better place at all? Chat is best served for emotion, the game thread is supposed to be, and should be a log of the events that happened in a game. If its during an emotional moment during the game, that can be conveyed in longer posts discussing the situation. Most people seem, and let me emphasize the word seem, to want to be the first one to post a reaction or that a player homered [or other outcome].

We aren't all members of the media out to scoop one another, the game threads should be about the games, not folks sitting around at the corner bar grunting at the TV.
Sure! Don't mind that at all. It's captures the moment although I like some play by play and discussion mixed in there as well.

It's discussion during a live event by many people. You're going to see multiple posts by multiple people on a single event.