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One word posts aren't technically against any of the rules.

When one-word posts (e.g. "Pathetic!" or "Ridiculous!" etc.) are repeated excessively, they begin to violate Rule #5: Trolling and General Nuisance posting.

Part of what makes something a "nuisance" is when it drives people to complain about it. I'm not saying that's the sole criterion for determining when a poster is warned or bounced from the GT, but if someone is causing general nuisance to the GT forum and other people are complaining, I'm not going to sit back and just let things happen.

And seriously, are we really fighting about this? How many one-word posts does ANYONE make in a given day/game thread? Let's all back up and have a tad bit of perspective here.
You're right Caveat. The only reason I brought it up was because others may construe "if enough people complain about it" as being too much of a generality and arbitrary in reference with dealing with regular board members who know each other well and interact on the GTs daily. I really don't participate on the GTs much at all. But if I did, I could care less if a member I see daily on there says one worded responses like "pathetic" or "ridiculous" a lot on the GTs.

If Corey Patterson gets five ABs, is five "pathetics" and "ridiculous'" too much and considered trolling?