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The "Infractions" system was already set up. It wasn't used and I'd suggest that it wasn't used because no game thread posters really had that much of an issue with what was going on in the game threads. Going beyond that, I honestly can't remember when we haven't had a "Report Post" link for every post that was typed.

If anything is over-complicated, it's killing game threads for a month in order to set up a system to properly enforce something that should have already been enforced.
I'll have to say that this year has had less problems as far as the game thread has gone than in past years. That one incident on that fateful night seemed to get the action, for some reason. It was a bad thing, but the two who caused the problem should have been dealt with. That's ancient history, I guess, since it's been 25 days since that infraction.

And I agree with the timeline of how long it took to get things back rolling. I have to admit that I hope the new system of mods can deal with individuals instead of punishing everyone for a few folks' mistakes. I have hope that it will.