As an OSU football fan, it was interesting to read that sophomore DB/WR Devon Torrence is getting ready for another year with Houston's low-A team because "Houston doesn't have a rookie ball team." (Link below.)

Torrence was drafted out of high school last year and would have been best suited for a rookie ball team. The Reds have two rookie teams and Houston has zero? Can anyone explain that one to me? We didn't think Mesoraco, a 2007 first-round pick, would be ready at class low-A Dayton this year. (However, he is proving everyone wrong.) And Mesoraco had to play rookie ball last year and struggled (low rookie ball at that). However, Torrence, a 15th round OF out of high school, had to play A ball right away? That seems foolish for the Astros not to have at least one rookie ball team when organizations like the Reds have two. Even this year a guy like Torrence should probably be playing "high-rookie" with a team like Billings instead of low-A IMO: