That is some serious fire power right there. IMO these are the three guys the Reds need to build the offense around. Sign Dunn to a three or four year deal and watch him consistently give you 40+ homeruns and a .380+ OBP. He's cutting down on his K's and has his K/BB ratio right around 1:1 which means he's growing as a hitter. Just think how scary he can be if he continues to get better than he already is.

Votto is proving right now that he can be a great major league hitter for a long time. Despite going through a recent slump he's still hitting .273/.339/.533 - .873 OPS and is on pace for 30+ doubles and 30+ homeruns. He'll eventually be a .375-.380+ OBP guy who belts 30 homeruns and OPS's .900. His ability to use all the fields will make him a great hitter for a long time.

Jay Bruce is the guy who will be the best hitter of them all IMO. He's got a chance to be a .325 type hitter who hits 40-45 doubles and around 40 homeruns. Like Votto, Bruce is not afraid to use the whole field as he's got exceptional power to all parts of the field. He won't hit for that high of an average right now but he profiles as that type of hitter.

You put those three guys together in a lineup and you have a great nucleus to build around. The Reds need a RH power bat in there to compensate the lefties but I think Brandon Phillips and either Edwin Encarnacion or Todd Frazier can be that guy. Phillips is proving his power is not a fluke as he's on pace for roughly 30 homeruns and 40 doubles. He also seems to be improving his plate discipline (on pace for 46 walks). If he learns to lay off the slider down and away from RH pitchers then he could really become a true superstar. I like Edwin Encarnacion a lot but if the Reds decide to keep Dunn then they may look to trade Encarnacion and make Todd Frazier the 3B of the future. Either way, both those guys have good pop from the right side and can get on base.

Basically what the Reds need is a shortstop, a center fielder who can cover a lot of ground and get on base at a decent clip, and a good defensive catcher. The way I see it, Paul Janish could be the SS of the future if the Reds can find a center fielder who can hit.