If we equal the Braun contract of 8 years and around $50 million would Bruce sign and would it be good for the Reds? I think yes because we could keep him for 3 years where he could earn $10 million per year and a couple of years that he could earn $20 million per year (best scenario and we look like geniuses) I think that the floor for Bruce is a guy that earns $10-12 million per year on the open market and 5-6 million per on the arbitration market. Wouldn't that mean that if he is as good as possible we save $20-$30 million. If he's a super 2 then it becomes an even better deal for the Reds. I think that he would be at this point if he stays up, right? On top of that contracts will probably be higher by the time that he reaches arb and free agency.

I would try to lock him, Votto, Volquez and Cueto up in these types of contracts soon because if most of them turn out to be very good then it's a value and if most of them don't then we won;t be good anyways so who cares if we overspent by a few million per year on those guys.