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Yeah I tried that stuff for a while. Tasted great, and for the first couple weeks I noticed slight results from it. After that however it kinda tailed off on me. I tried 2 more jugs of it and decided to move on. There are a ton of people that swear by it though.
That stuff just blows my system out, if you know what I mean, can't take it. Plus I'm not a big dairy/milk fan and can't drink that stuff with water...even with no fat skim milk (which has proven to result in higher cancer rates in men I read).

It DOES taste good though - in particular the Strawberry. (Choc good too)

I'm sticking with low fat soy protein bars a couple of times a day to get my protein fix. Too much protein just goes right through you I've found.

At my age (38) I'm all about lean muscle and losing fat though, not trying to "bulk up" just shape muscle tone and develop areas that are under-developed. Of course that stubborn little bit of fat around my waist and buttocks are a pain - only noticeable to me in the mirror but I want it gone. I actually look better now than I did when I was 25 though, so, want to keep pushing myself.

I drank Muscle Milk light for a while btw - not the regular stuff - which will really put the weight on you, if you drink a couple of those a day.