So forecasting to a where some of these guys forecast best case scenario to the majors one day:

1. Where does Frazier best case project. Is it 1B, 3B or LF.
2. 1B..Guiterriez as a backup one day. I don't see much from the rest
3. Isn't Valiaka more of a 2B or infield utility man as opposed to SS.
4. 3B..Is Rosales even on the radar after his terrible year thus far?
Who projects as better potential 3B...Waring or Francisco?..Or Frazier?
5. CF is glaring hole with Stubbs hoping to get there in 2 years.
Is Justin Reed a possiblity as well in 2 years or more?
6. Corner OF spot...Can Cumberland or Dorn be a 4th OF in the next 2 years?
7. Starting Pitching..nice depth for hopefully 1-2 spots in Cincy next 2 years.
Maloney, Bailey, Thompson are top the list. Wood is nice option within 2
years. Jukich is intriguing. Lotzar is the power arm in back of the seat.
Are Razin and Lecure possibilities at back of rotation?
8. Bullpen. Is Watson the potential future closer after Cordero's contract?
Are Pelland and McBeth good enough for the majors?
Roenicke, Viola, Geronimo, etc...and who else? Fischer?
9. Catcher...Merasco is the future hopefully...can Hanigan take a spot next
year from Bako or Ross or Valentin as at least a backup?

What other potential pieces are there that I'm missing..not including the GCL kids yet?