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Nope. Will not.

Nothing was "lost" about this season at the beginning. Heck, it's not lost now. I simply refuse to accept that foisting horrible baseball on the team and fanbase to save a few dollars and hold back a guy that was clearly ready to help this team be better than it has been was worth it. I just don't.

This whole things hasn't been about money. Jock made a good point on that, as they have carried Cueto all year, not worrying about his "Super 2" status. No, this has been about inflicting Corey Patterson on the fan base. It has been about bending over backward to preserve Jr.'s feelings as he ruins this team in RF. It has been about watching plentiful at-bats wasted in the 1st and 3rd spots in the line-up, and balls go falling gently into RF in front of the statue that is Jr., for reasons that have nothing to do with money, and everything to do with prolonged horrible baseball judgement and deference to guys that the manager is familiar with and respects.

No more, no less.

So, yeah, "about time". And then some.

I don't expect Bruce to "save" this team or this season, I simply expect him to be a marked improvement over the absolute dreck that has been passed off as major league caliber and has held him in AAA against all logic and reason for two months.
14 out 15 in the NL in pitching.

This season is beyond lost.