I watched a show on FSN the other night that was hosted by Rob Dibble of the 50 best plays ever in baseball.

Of course the Reds only made 2 on the list and both were PEte Rose...70 All-Star game, and hit number 4192.

One play that is consider one of the greatest has always got under my skin, the 75 Fisk HR. First of all let me say that I do have an enormous hatred of the Red Sox and I honestly believe that this HR is the root of it. That HR meant NOTHING! IT won a game, who hoo. Did the Red Sox win the series, NO, the REDS did! How come Johnny Bench's 72 playoff HR never makes that list, or his HR on his retirement? I get so sick of the baseball world thinking that everything revolves around the freakin Red Sox. You get a team that has a little bit of success and the media goes nuts. They did the same crap with t \he Braves back in the 90s, hence my hatred of the Braves.

I had to vent this, again it was a HR to win a game, not the World Series. I guess it goes to show that when your organization sucks for 86 years they'll try anything for a little bit of glory, and unfortunately that HR takes away the Reds glory from that World Series which ticks me off to no end!

OTher than that clip I enjoyed the rest of the show.