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At Stubbs' age, Mike Cameron was busting out with a 1.004 OPS in AA.

Another thing to remember about Cameron is he's played the bulk of his career in three of the best pitching parks in baseball. He has a career .812 road OPS. Had he played his career in Cincinnati you've got to figure the .826 OPS mark he put up in 1999 would have been his norm.

Based on the above, I reject the notion that we've seen anything Cameronesque from Stubbs to date.

What Stubbs needs to do is play better (something Devin Mesoraco has been doing of late). No one digs into you LD% and then ponders whether you're a soft liner specialist if you're putting up the kind of numbers a top prospect should put up. If Stubbs plays better then we take comfort in the notion that the Reds should have a semi-productive CF on their hands in another two years. If he doesn't then he's probably going to hit his ceiling in the high minors.
I wasn't comparing Cameron to Stubbs at a certain point of their minor league levels. I was responding to the notion that a top 10 pick should OPS .850+ to justify the pick.

My point was that I'd rather have a guy OPS .770-.790 that's playing a defensive-oriented position and playing it well, over some corner outfielder hitting .850.

That's not to say Stubbs will hit .770-.790. I hope he does, but his ceiling may be more long the lines of .750-ish.