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That said, and IT IS JUST MY OPINION, Hamilton had to go. The Red's players were not prepared for the media onslaught that followed Josh. It obviously caused tension in the clubhouse. The story is a year older now, and after the initial media circus in Texas, It has for the most part died down. Josh isn't every story now. It might have been the same in Cincinnati, but the tension was already in place. It was for the best that the parties moved on. Josh should absolutely have NOTHING but kind word for the org. that resurrected his career. From this point on, it is in his hands, but Krivsky should be lauded for his foresight and daring in plucking him from TB via the Cubs.

Which means a deal between the Reds and Texas still could have taken place. Harang, Volquez, Lincecum, Cueto and Arroyo would be one of the best rotations in baseball.



You have 4 of the 5 in place right now, and Thompson and Bailey as highly touted prospects so not all is lost...Just that we will be more ready for contention next year than this year...

Hindsight is 20/20 and I know lots wanted Lincecum, but there were risks involved there and they still are...Just because he has put up good numbers doesn't mean that he might hurt his arm in the next year or so, and then how great of a pick would of been if he can't return...