BP's Kevin Goldstein is saying Posey's camp is floating a $12 million figure, possibly to maneuver himself to a richer team than Tampa. In any event, if that's anywhere close to the truth, Tampa will take Tim Beckham and who knows if anyone else choosing before the Reds will call Posey's bluff.

So let's say Posey's still sitting there at #7 and he's not budging off his figure. What's your call as the Reds' virtual draft boss? Actually, let's try a few scenarios:

1) Cast will pony up whatever Posey wants, over and beyond the current budget. (Is Posey worth it?)

2) Cast will pony up if you want, but he's not kicking in more money; it will have to come out of other player acquisition money buckets. (Is Posey the best use of those funds?)

3) You don't have the ability to stroke the check Posey wants. (Do you gamble you can sign him for less? Are you willing to possibly risk your job by blowing the #7 on a guy you can't sign?)