I'm in a 10-team NL-only league. It's auction draft (salary cap of $260) with 2-year contracts (extensions cost $5 per year).

Being able to keep up to 10 players from year to year, I have a ton of talent coming for next season (Ryan Braun, Adam Wainwright, Jair Jurrjens, Brandon Phillips, Andrew Miller, Jorge Campillo, Johnny Cueto, Yovani Gallardo, etc.)

Well in any event, I've been trying to acquire Hanley Ramirez. The owner that has the rights to him for next season wants Nate McLouth and Corey Hart in return.

Ramirez has already been extended and will be in his final year next year, costing $19. McLouth and Hart are both in their first years, costing $9 and $5 respectively and could be extended.

After looking at the stats this season and also last year, I've concluded that McLouth is the real mccoy and is close to an equal of Hanley (if not outright exceeding him).

Does anyone think I should do that trade or am I in the right thinking I'd be better off keeping Hart and McLouth?