Is it the players? The manager? The coaches? The ownership?

Tonight, the Reds looked like they were going through the motions. It didn't help that the manager started a rookie at SS and batted him second, but it didn't matter. I've never seen more uninspired at-bats or horrible pitching performances.

Homer was bad. No fastball and nothing else to go along with it. He's a kid, but the opposing pitcher was too and he seemed to pitch a more consistent game. LIncoln looked good, but Weathers and Affeldt can't seem to go a game without allowing a run. In the meantime, the Cardinal relievers pitched 4 innings of 1-hit ball.

Bruce, Janish, Griffey, and Phillips swung at most anything that the youngster threw. Dunn walked twice, and why not? Why give him anything to hit when you can get everyone else out. Votto homered, but little else. Bako is Bako. The insult of insults was Corey Patterson pinch-hitting.

For many, this is a good team, but I disagree. First base has promise, but second base worries me. Phillips is so impatient and streaky, he can't be counted upon. Short is a question mark, and despite Edwin's good hitting night, he as inconsistent as Phillips with less punch.

The outfield is a mish-mash of flawed characters. Dunn is maybe the best player, but is batted so low in the order it's easy to not give him anything to hit. Bruce is a rookie, and despite his fast start (which is now getting less fast as games go on which is to be expected), he is what he is--learning. Junior is still productive, but why pitch to Griffey if you can get Phillips and Edwin out easily enough?

Catcher is just a train wreck. I like Paul Bako as a backup, but why 3 catchers and why two guys who can't hit (really, do you think Valentin is a good hitter?) and the same two are not light out fielders.

I won't go into pitching becaue it shows promise.

It's the same train wreck we've seen for the last 8 years. I really believe it's time to "blow it up" all the way, and I love most of the guys I mentioned above. It's time.