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Thread: Fox Stations for Saturday's game

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    Fox Stations for Saturday's game

    They don't have an exact list for Saturday's game but this is from HD Sports guide. Tomorrow's game will be going to 56% of the country. Sunday's game is a national broadcast on TBS.


    Boston Red Sox at
    Cincinnati Reds
    Thom Brennaman & Jerry Remy 56%

    MARKETS INCLUDE: Albuquerque, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Buffalo, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Dayton, Denver, Fort Myers, Greensboro, Greenville, Hartford, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Knoxville, Las Vegas, Louisville, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Norfolk, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Providence, Raleigh, Richmond, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, Washington, West Palm Beach

    Philadelphia Phillies at St. Louis Cardinals
    Kenny Albert & Mark Grace 26%

    MARKETS INCLUDE: Atlanta, Birmingham, Chicago, Houston, Kansas City, Memphis, Milwaukee, Nashville, Oklahoma City, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Tulsa

    Los Angeles Dodgers at Detroit Tigers Dick Stockton, Eric Karros & Ken Rosenthal 17%

    MARKETS INCLUDE: Detroit, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Portland, San Diego

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    Re: Fox Stations for Saturday's game

    Booooo. I get Phillies/Cards

    So glad I paid 180 bucks for EI only to miss out on one of the prime games of the season.
    Games are won on run differential -- scoring more than your opponent. Runs are runs, scored or prevented they all count the same. Worry about scoring more and allowing fewer, not which positions contribute to which side of the equation or how "consistent" you are at your current level of performance.

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    Re: Fox Stations for Saturday's game

    Stupid Tigers are always on the Fox Saturday game the same day as the Reds. I assumed that I would definetely get to watch the Reds when they play da Sawks...
    Quote Originally Posted by Sea Ray View Post
    I agree with everything here except the part about Trump promising to drain the swamp of rich elites. When did he say that? I think he's putting in rich guys with the idea that they can't be bought. I don't think he ever promised not to put in rich white guys.

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    Re: Fox Stations for Saturday's game

    The last two times the Reds have been on Fox on a Saturday afternoon they resulted in a Reds walk off homerun. The first came on May 17 when Dunn hit a walk off 3-run homerun against the Indians in which I was in attendance. Two weeks later on May 31st the Reds were once again on Fox and Jay Bruce ended that game with a walk off solo homerun against the Braves. Maybe the Reds can do the same thing again tomorrow?

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    Re: Fox Stations for Saturday's game

    Wow, I actually get the Reds on a national game when they're not playing a Texas team.

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    Re: Fox Stations for Saturday's game

    The one time I can see the Reds on Fox and I will be on the road to the beach.

    Also the Reds game Sunday will be on TBS.
    Reds Fan Since 1971

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    Re: Fox Stations for Saturday's game

    Quote Originally Posted by cumberlandreds View Post
    The one time I can see the Reds on Fox and I will be on the road to the beach.
    I wish they'd invent a machine where you could record the game and watch it later....
    The lowest acceptable payroll amount for ownership to show they are not greedy pigs is 15 million more than they are currently paying. No matter what that currently is.

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    Re: Fox Stations for Saturday's game

    I love how Philly is closer geographically, but NYC still gets the Boston game.

    For once, I'm not complaining.

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    Re: Fox Stations for Saturday's game

    We get the boys-in-blue again.

    I paid about 100 bucks for MLB.TV and about 160 bucks for MLB EI, yet, I am still forced, for some reason, to watch either the Dodgers or the Angels play one of the Yankees, the Red Sox, the Cubs or the Mets.

    Thanks MLB and Fox......MLB wised up on the ESPN black-out, why can't they wise up about Fox?
    "Is there a problem officers?"

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    Re: Fox Stations for Saturday's game

    Quote Originally Posted by RedsManRick View Post
    Booooo. I get Phillies/Cards

    So glad I paid 180 bucks for EI only to miss out on one of the prime games of the season.
    Wow, I thought for sure we'd get to see this game. It seems like every other week, we get stuck with the Bosox, except when they play the Reds. Whatever.

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    Re: Fox Stations for Saturday's game

    Wait, Thom Brennaman and Jerry Remy? Really? No Buck-McCarver, no Dick Stockton? Seriously?
    "Reality tells us there are no guarantees. Except that some day Jon Lester will be on that list of 100-game winners." - Peter Gammons

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    Re: Fox Stations for Saturday's game

    Looks like I lucked out here in S. Florida.
    REDs vs. Sox in HD....
    "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals and you know it."


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    Re: Fox Stations for Saturday's game

    Here is the complete list of stations for the Fox game. I have put in bold the stations carrying the Reds.

    Local listings for Week 11 — Saturday, June 14
    (as of 6/9/08 @ 1:30 p.m. - Games and listings subject to change)

    GAME SUMMARIES (start times are all 3:30 p.m. ET):
    1=Red Sox @ Reds - 56% — Thom Brennaman, Jerry Remy, Ken Rosenthal
    2=Dodgers @ Tigers - 17% — Dick Stockton, Eric Karros
    3=Phillies @ Cardinals - 26% — Kenny Albert, Mark Grace

    Abilene TX KXVA 1
    Albany GA WFXL 3
    Albany NY WXXA 1
    Albuquerque NM KASA 1
    Alexandria LA WNTZ 1
    Amarillo TX KCIT 1

    American Samoa K34HI 2
    Anchorage AK KTBY 2
    Atlanta GA WAGA 3
    Augusta GA WFXG 3
    Austin TX KTBC 1
    Bakersfield CA KBFX 2
    Baltimore MD WBFF 1
    Bangor ME WFVX 1
    Baton Rouge LA WGMB 1
    Beaumont TX KUIL 1

    Bend OR KFXO 2
    Billings MT KHMT 1
    Biloxi MS WXXV 1
    Binghamton NY WICZ 1

    Birmingham AL WBRC 3
    Bluefield WV WVNS 1
    Boise ID KTRV 1
    Boston MA WFXT 1

    Bowling Green KY WBKO 3
    Buffalo NY WUTV 1
    Burlington VT WFFF 1
    Butte MT KBTZ 1
    Casper WY KFNB+ 1

    Cedar Rapids IA KFXA 3
    Champaign IL WCCU 3
    Charleston SC WTAT 1
    Charleston WV WVAH 1
    Charlotte NC WCCB 1
    Charlottesville VA WAHU 1

    Chattanooga TN WDSI 3
    Cheyenne WY KLWY 1
    Chicago IL WFLD 3
    Chico CA KCVU 2
    Cincinnati OH WXIX 1
    Clarksburg WV WVFX 1
    Cleveland OH WJW 1
    Colorado Springs CO KXRM 1

    Columbia MO KQFX 3
    Columbia SC WACH 1
    Columbus GA WXTX 3
    Columbus MS WLOV 3
    Columbus OH WTTE 1
    Corpus Christi TX KUQI 1
    Dallas TX KDFW 1

    Davenport IA KLJB 3
    Dayton OH WRGT 1
    Denver CO KDVR+ 1

    Des Moines IA KDSM 3
    Detroit MI WJBK 2
    Dothan AL WDFX 3
    Duluth MN KQDS 2
    El Paso TX KFOX 1
    Elmira NY WYDC 1
    Erie PA WFXP 1

    Eugene OR KLSR 2
    Eureka CA KBVU 2
    Evansville IN WTVW 3
    Fairbanks AK KFXF 1
    Fargo ND KVRR+ 2
    Flint MI WSMH 2
    Fort Myers FL WFTX 1
    Fort Smith AR KFTA 3
    Fort Wayne IN WFFT 1
    Fresno CA KMPH+ 2
    Gainesville FL WOGX 1
    Grand Junction CO KFQX 1

    Grand Rapids MI WXMI 2
    Great Falls MT KLMN 1
    Green Bay WI WLUK 3
    Greensboro NC WGHP 1
    Greenville NC WFXI+ 1
    Greenville SC WHNS 1

    Greenwood MS WABG 3
    Guam KEQI 2
    Harlingen TX XHRIO 1
    Harrisburg PA WPMT 3
    Harrisonburg VA WHSV 1
    Hartford CT WTIC 1
    Honolulu HI KHON+ 1

    Houston TX KRIV 3
    Huntsville AL WZDX 3
    Idaho Falls ID KFXP 1
    Indianapolis IN WXIN 1

    Jackson MS WDBD 3
    Jackson TN WJKT 3
    Jacksonville FL WAWS 1
    Johnstown PA WWCP 3
    Joplin MO KFJX 3
    Kansas City MO WDAF 3
    Knoxville TN WTNZ 1
    La Crosse WI WLAX+ 3
    Lafayette LA KADN 1
    Lake Charles LA KVHP 1

    Lansing MI WSYM 2
    Laredo TX KXOF 1
    Las Vegas NV KVVU 1
    Lexington KY WDKY 1
    Lima OH WOHL 1

    Lincoln NE KTVG+ 3
    Little Rock AR KLRT 3
    Los Angeles CA KTTV 2
    Louisville KY WDRB 1
    Lubbock TX KJTV 1

    Macon GA WGXA 3
    Madison WI WMSN 3
    Mankato MN KEYC 2
    Marquette MI WMQF 2
    Medford OR KMVU 2
    Memphis TN WHBQ 3
    Meridian MS WTOK 3
    Miami FL WSVN 1
    Milwaukee WI WITI 3
    Minneapolis MN KMSP 2
    Minot ND KNDX+ 2
    Missoula MT KMMF 1
    Mobile AL WALA 3
    Monroe LA KARD 1
    Monterey CA KCBA 1

    Montgomery AL WCOV 3
    Myrtle Beach SC WFXB 1
    Nashville TN WZTV 3
    New Orleans LA WVUE 1
    New York NY WNYW/WWOR 1
    Norfolk VA WVBT 1

    North Platte NE KIIT 3
    Odessa TX KPEJ 1
    Oklahoma City OK KOKH 3
    Omaha NE KPTM 3
    Orlando FL WOFL 1
    Ottumwa IA KYOU 3
    Paducah KY KBSI 3
    Palm Springs CA KDFX 2
    Panama City FL WPGX 1
    Parkersburg WV WTAP 1

    Peoria IL WYZZ 3
    Philadelphia PA WTXF 3
    Phoenix AZ KSAZ 2
    Pittsburgh PA WPGH 1
    Portland ME WPFO 1

    Portland OR KPTV 2
    Presque Isle ME WAGM 1
    Providence RI WNAC 1

    Quincy IL CGEM 3
    Raleigh NC WRAZ 1
    Rapid City SD KEVN+ 2
    Reno NV KRXI 1
    Richmond VA WRLH 1
    Roanoke VA WFXR+ 1

    Rochester MN KXLT 2
    Rochester NY WUHF 1
    Rockford IL WQRF 3
    Sacramento CA KTXL 1
    Salisbury MD WBOC 3
    Salt Lake City UT KSTU+ 1
    San Angelo TX KIDY 1
    San Antonio TX KABB 1

    San Diego CA XETV 2
    San Francisco CA KTVU 1
    Santa Barbara CA KKFX 2
    Savannah GA WTGS 3
    Seattle WA KCPQ 1
    Sherman TX KXII 1
    Shreveport LA KMSS 1

    Sioux City IA KPTH 3
    Sioux Falls SD KTTW+ 2
    South Bend IN WSJV 3
    Spokane WA KAYU 1
    Springfield IL WRSP+ 3
    Springfield MA WGGB-DT 1
    Springfield MO KSFX 3
    St. Louis MO KTVI 3
    Syracuse NY WSYT 1
    Tallahassee FL WTLH 1
    Tampa FL WTVT 1

    Terre Haute IN WFXW 3
    Toledo OH WUPW 2
    Topeka KS KTMJ 3
    Traverse City MI WFQX+ 2
    Tri-Cities TN WEMT 1
    Tucson AZ KMSB 2
    Tulsa OK KOKI 3
    Twin Falls ID KXTF 1
    Tyler TX KFXK+ 1
    US Virgin Islands WSJX 1
    Utica NY WFXV 1
    Victoria TX KVCT 1
    Waco TX KWKT+ 1
    Washington DC WTTG 1
    Watertown NY WNYF 1

    Wausau WI WFXS 3
    West Palm Beach FL WFLX 1
    Wheeling WV WTRF 1

    Wichita KS KSAS+ 3
    Wichita Falls TX KJTL 1
    Wilkes-Barre PA WOLF 3
    Wilmington NC WSFX 1
    Yakima WA KCYU+ 1
    Youngstown OH WYFX+ 1

    Yuma AZ KECY 2

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    Re: Fox Stations for Saturday's game

    Quote Originally Posted by oneupper View Post
    Looks like I lucked out here in S. Florida.
    REDs vs. Sox in HD....

    Yes we did. Living in the Southernmost portion of the NE United States occassionally has its advantages.

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    Re: Fox Stations for Saturday's game

    great sassy molassy....I think it is the first Reds games telecast in the Northwest this year. I really miss EI, boo to the DISH.
    Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand

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