I took my two older sons to yesterday's Reds-Red Sox game. We sat in section 145 of the sun deck. Kevin Youkillis's 10th inning HR landed within a few feet of where we were seated.
I estimate that about two-thirds of the fans in our section were Red Sox fans. I had a nice chat throughout the game with a Bosox fan from the Boston area who had flow into Cincinnati for all three games of the series. He was a nice guy and was extremely impressed by GABP.
It was still odd to feel as if I was visiting an opponent's ballpark. The Red Sox fans were very vocal. They weren't obnoxious, but the cheeing for the Sox downed out the support for the Reds. I tend to be a silently intent fan rather than being real vocal during a game, but I still was almost embarassed to see an opponent's fan base "take over" the Reds home field.