Alright, for my league, we are allowed to keep 2 position players, 2 pitchers, and 1 rookie.

It is a 12 team league, head to head.

Here's my roster (The important parts, anyways)

C Ivan Rodriguez
1B Mark Teixeira
2B Robinson Cano
SS Hanley Ramirez
3B Ryan Braun
OF Josh Hamilton
OF Carlos Quentin
OF Xavier Nady
Util Evan Longoria
Util Jay Bruce

SP Edinson Volquez
SP Josh Beckett
SP Aaron Harang
SP Erik Bedard
SP Clayton Kershaw
SP Matt Garza

For my position players, I am certain that I will be keeping Hanley Ramirez. However, after that, I am torn between Ryan Braun and Josh Hamilton. Ryan Braun is almost guaranteed to give me incredible power, but he will lose his 3B eligibility next year, I think. Josh Hamilton can give me triple crown numbers, but his durability is a concern. I am really torn over which one to keep.

As far as pitchers go, I'm most likely going to keep Volquez and Beckett, unless Volquez really falls off the map.

For rookies, do I keep Bruce or Longoria? If I keep Braun, Longoria could be a really good option at 3B. But Bruce's upside is tremendous, and really hard to resist.