After throwing a complete game with two earned runs yesterday, Maloney has his ERA down to 4.32 in 100 innings. He's allowed 94 hits (10 homeruns) and posted a very good 28 BB/93 K ratio. Those are pretty good numbers considering how awful of an April he had (6.65 ERA in 23 innings with 30 hits allowed). Check out what's he did in his last 10 starts dating back to May 12th: 65.2 IP, 50 H, 17 BB/63 K, 3.29 ERA. He had three bad outings mixed in there in but his last two starts have been very good. I'd like to see Maloney brought up now and placed in the bullpen for now and then moved into the rotation if Arroyo. He'll never be an ace or anything but he's got a big durable frame (6'4" 220) and could settle in as a solid innings eating #5 starter in the mold of a Paul Maholm.