Since Bob Castellini has taken over he's proven time and again that he isn't cheap. Some of examples include eating the contracts of guys like Rheal Cormier, Juan Castro, and Mike Stanton. He forked out a ton of cash to sign Francisco Cordero. But it's what he's did recently that has me very impressed and truly convinced that he's in it to win and not just for the money like the previous ownership. His commitment to throwing tons of cash into the draft and specifically Latin America is what has impressed me. Back in March the Reds signed a 16-year old outfielder by the name of Juan Duran for $2 million dollars. There is also a strong rumor that the Reds have reach an oral agreement with another 16-year old Dominican outfielder by the name of Yorman Rodriguez for an another $2 or $3 million dollars. In addition to that the Reds have spent 1-2 million on lesser Latin players. Now the biggie. Last night it was reported the Reds offered $5 million dollars and a major league contract to a 16-year old Dominican pitcher named Michel Inoa. This kid is considered a once-in-a-decade type pitcher (he's 6'7" at age 16 and throws 94 mph) and the Reds came very close to grabbing him as he signed with the Oakland A's for 4.25 million dollars, less money but he liked the A's track record of developing young pitcher. Can't blame him there. Though they didn't get him, I just thought it was so un Reds like to offer that much money to an unproven 16-year old kid. Had he signed with the Reds that money figure would have been a record for a non-Cuban prospect.

This shows me Bob Castellini wants to win. He may be a bit trigger happy but the guy is in it to win, and not to just make money.