...Yet, away from the ballpark, Hamilton remains virtually alone. He usually goes straight to his hotel with Johnny Narron, his mentor and confidant. Narron, brother of former Reds manager Jerry Narron, was hired by Texas after being Hamilton's "guardian angel" last year with Cincinnati. They always get adjoining rooms. Narron knows where Hamilton is at all times. Hamilton, not permitted to venture out alone, never carries more than $20 in his wallet, helping resist temptation.

"It'd be nice to hang out with him and have a couple of drinks," Catalanotto says, "but that's not going to happen. We understand that."

He has ventured out a few times with teammates and says he feels more accepted by his Texas teammates than in Cincinnati last year, when no one invited him out. He sensed jealousy and perhaps resentment over the attention his comeback story received.

"I even heard comments that I was signing too many autographs for the fans," he says. "It just got worse as the year went on."

The discord played no factor in the trade, but, Krivsky said: "There were issues in the clubhouse. Maybe that stuff would have gone by the boards had he stayed."