I miss Skyline even though I have one within an hour from my house. Gold Star, too. I like 'em both.

From the old days: Daily Donuts on Beechmont/Salem and the Paul Dixon Show, even though I was just a little guy when it was on.

Softball in the Summer at a park near Mt. Carmel (I remember you had to turn off of 32 near the Roy Rogers there). Township Park, maybe? They had a grill and bar, I think. Township Tavern? Something like that.

Even though it was nothing special, I miss Beechmont Mall. The fountain in the middle was always fun to thrown coins in as a kid. Shillito's, Mabley and Carew, Super X Pharmacy, Woolworth's and the little diner next door there. I have no idea what that is there now, but it's not a mall.

The old Uno's there, too.

Mt. Washington Bakery had a butter crumb cake that was to die for.

Man, I could go and on. I might be back in this thread.