I am a 35 year old Die Hard Red Sox fan born in Newport, R.I. I was wondering about Volquez, who I may deal for in a big$ fantasy league. I would be giving up Burrell. I am a bit worried looking at Volquez's peripheral numbers over his last few starts. He has really started to level off, which is to be expected after his phenomenal start. I am just wondering if you guys have noticed anything watching him lately? Does he appear to be laboring? Are his pitches still moving? Has his velocity on his fastball taken a significant dip?

Also, what the hell is wrong with Harang? I picked him up in an NL only keeper league..he was ok his last start but what was that abortion he put out there last night? Same questions with him...do you guys see anything wrong with his pitches?

Any info you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I have always respected the Reds organization and look forward to following their resurgence..(Especially the players I have like B-Phillips and Harang.

Macro are you kidding me??? Boss-Hawg told me to start a thread in this forum. I told him exactly what would be in the thread. So Macro..how exactly would you be able to introduce yourself if you were not afforded the opportunity to start a thread?