EE has 32 RBI!!!
71 games too go and EE is on pace for 60 RBI at best!! Rich Aurilla projects better numbers than that. Ryan Zimmerman trails him by 5 RBI and he hasn't played since May 25th.

Why Mr. Jocketty do you list him as an untouchable when he is 29th in RBI production among 3B eligible players. Now I know RBI's are not the total anwser at one position. But his OPS and OBS have fallen in each of the last 3 years. Add that with his below .250 avg and you have a ......"Untouchable"!?!?

I know the Reds won't land a A. Rameriz, Wright or M.Cabrera. But I pray that they get a Garrett Atkins, Alex Gordon, Jorge Cantu (oops!!) type player someday.