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Don't forget the Islanders, too. They host the U S Open in Tennis, too. Some of the greatest boxing matches have occurred at Madison Square Garden, the greatest sport of all sports. And the Beatles arrived in the U. S. and played at Yankee Stadium.

Ticker tape parades occur in New York City for a reason. That's the city you want to be a part of when you win a Championship.

LA has never won a SuperBowl, so they don't even qualify.

How can you be the #1 Sports Town without a SuperBowl trophy (or even a team during the year you're trying to claim the name of titletown)?
Ummm...The LA Raiders won the Super Bowl in 1981. Plus, they've hosted 7 of them. They have plenty of history with that. They also host the Rose Bowl every year. You can't call a city title-town just because they host an event. That is more coincidence than anything else.

Look, I hate LA more than any other city in the country. I still hate the Dodgers, even years after the Reds-Dodgers rivalry ran its course, so this isn't easy for me. But, NY teams not named the Yankees and Giants have been HUGE underachievers. Boston has won as many titles in the last 8 years (6 titles) as NY has won in the last twenty (I don't count the Devils, who play in Jersey).